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WHO is Goldenball Mercantile

The shop is essentially a collection of all of my favourite things... well at least a whole bunch of them!  I have kept a list for many years of all the brands, products and fun things I would carry in a shop if I ever had enough time to open one.

So, when I had a little life epiphany in late 2020, I purchased my amazing little circa 1920's building on First Avenue and started to put the ideas into motion.  It's been a most rewarding journey, and one that has given me a newfound excitement for my work-life again, which was all part of the plan... so, yay, bucket-list item checked!

I am committed to bringing in the highest quality products, unique treasures that cannot be easily or often found, and a healthy dose of laughter and sassiness into your day when you come visit.  I will always source amazing local products, but I'm not apologizing for sourcing far and wide to find "all the things."

Welcome to our brand of fun!