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WHAT’s “the tea”?

Well, for those who don’t know, we do love anything British with a little bit proper and a little bit sass.

The saying “what’s the tea” or “spill the tea” means “give me the goods” or “tell me all the inside scoop”. 

Here’s some of the “tea” we've overheard about us from some lovely peeps while in the shop…


”You have such unique items I haven’t seen anywhere before.” 

“Your artists’ works are just stunning, so so beautiful.” 

"I'm sweating from laughing so hard!"

“I have been to Ireland and have shopped for blankets there, and your Foxford Irish blankets are as beautiful as anything I saw and at the same prices. Amazing.” 

“These pillows are just exquisite, I can’t even decide which one I love best, I want them all.”

”Your puzzles are the best I’ve ever seen. Such a great selection.”

“Butter London is the best nail polish I've ever used. I love it!”  

“Your coffee table books are incredible.  And your prices are so reasonable for them; they would be twice as much in the city.”  

“Your deodorant is the BEST!”  

“I love coming here to laugh at the socks and the tea towels. I’m bringing all my friends here.”

”I’m coming here to do all my Christmas shopping”. 

“Wow, that’s just your regular wrapping? I don’t have to pay extra for that?”  

"I'm so mad that I didn't know about you before Christmas!" 

"I'm SO coming here for all my gift shopping!" 

"Your patio is incredible, who knew this existed in downtown Mission!"